Mission From Hell

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“…get ready to listen to one of the best premieres this year”Via Nocturna 2000
“Given that it is a debut, it plays out like a highly evolved masterpiece.”Rock Queen Jenny Tate
“Musical quality is a constant across this exceptional debut album from Norway’s finest. A total triumph.” – Jo Wright Devolution Magazine UK

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Mission From Hell is the debut of SINSID and get ready to listen to one of the best premieres this year. The little polished production of this set of 10 themes emphasizes its organic facet and something old school, but it is the enormous capacity of the collective that makes this a memorable mission. Of course, the Norwegians are not confined to a single style: doom metal, epic metal, classic metal or NWOBHM, everything is worked in a very coherent, intelligent, appealing and with enormous creativity.

The truth is that none of the themes here end up as it starts and the ideas that are explored in each one almost gave to a complete album! And the curious thing is that the introduction The Sinsid Prelude does not bode well because it’s too … repetitive! Between a low gingão that confers a monumental groove, colossal riffs in the most doom moments, a battery totally crazy in some moments and truly minimalist in others and a vocalist with charisma and a voice marked by the originality, Mission From Hell is a disc that any fan of metal should not miss. But attention is not easy to hear and some approaches are necessary for its thorough inner structure. But is it not the way the big albums are made?

Rated: 87/100
By Via Nocturna 2000 – Portugal

“The Sinsid Prelude – Tastefully performed intro of thunder and rain effects, complemented by lead guitar, cooking up a storm of its own. Sophisticated and artfully handled. Electric, tactile and considered. Fading out with closing thunder, this is one skilful and tantalising intro.

Steel Riders – Immediate, impacting and hard-hitting business. Lots of fiery, sharp riffage, feel good, yet measured tones, gradually building a crescendo of metal. Well tempered foot pedal work, cymbal hits and a genuine cohesive feel penetrates it. A decent, steadily paced construction.

Hellhammer – Great sexy electric slide riff intro. Straight into a catchy, precise rhythm, inventive breakdowns and a carefully constructed momentum within that arrangement, which, although slightly one-dimensional, shows impressive discipline and notable stamina. Ably assisted by the echoic anthemic harmonised shouts.

Sons Of The North – Great amped up, directed guitar feedback intro. Well streamed and nice Sab-esque touch to the tone. Suitably verging on that ace of spades, The Devil’s Tri-tone. Strategic number, combining a warrior veneer with stealth and intelligence. Edging towards hunter gatherer territory, with all the intrigue to go with it.

Infernal Pit – Very ‘Remainder’-esque, Fury UK strand to this intro. A very welcome sound. Moving right into a Maiden-esque section, with visual appeal aplenty. Taking the pace up and down, with the ominous atmosphere, the theatrical thread’s a very effective aspect of performance. More of a pictorial drum essence here. Gliding into a Viking-esque format, with slight melo-death overtones, it’s fulsome, varied and exciting. Throwing so much into one track, it’s evident where their versatility lies. Ending on a giant ogre’s whispered roar, the random nature of its creativity’s enthralling.

Revenge By Death – Opening with a classic hard rock riff, the star quality shines out of this. Setting up a chasing pace, woven in between enigmatic fading vocals, belying the power of their performance. Gradually building up, from a mid-paced angle, to a strong, driving rhythm, it’s supremely confident, whilst still mysterious.

Mission From Hell – Very Blue Oyster-esque intro, echoing the strains of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’. An impressively atmospheric nuance to this. Holding back just enough to intensify the flavour, noticeably, as it goes on and continuing that aura of mystique, till the closing fade-out. A gem of metallic inspiration.

Union Sign – Great upbeat riff melody intro’s. Such a fitting chorus harmony, filled with anthemic vibes and very slight Anthrax/90’s metal combo sound. Very catchy and very memorable. This is one of those tracks for which, brevity works.

Lost & Lonely – Beautifully haunting riff intro. Spine-tingling and breathtaking. Seguing, gradually, into an edgy vibe, within a bluesy sound. Equally light and dark, whilst retaining that slight anthemic sense. Slowly ramping up the tension, with a controlled rhythm, fading in and out, on a rapidly speeding riff. Bringing to mind the masters of hard rock/heavy metal, as it closes, ‘L&L’ is a combo of all that’s good about pure heavy metal).

Land Of Doom – Coming full circle, in a rain drenched intro, this time, with war and chaos surrounding it. Emergent quality to the sound. Once more, that classic element imbues it with an immersive thread. A little more bass involved, adding a degree of tension and a frisson of excitement. Ritualistic themes play out, becoming darker, as the volume grows. A strong warrior emphasis encompasses the track, as it slowly and rhythmically fades out, in a hypnotic trance of repetitive mantras.

Overall – ‘MFH’ is an incredibly impressive debut offering, rich with imagery and atmospheric audio. Given that it is a debut, it plays out like a highly evolved masterpiece. It’s involving, enthralling arrangements and solid structures never fail to diversify and never disappoint. Almost speaking its own language, of rich native heritage lands, it transports you to alternative civilisations. Deep, powerful and resonant, ‘MFH’ is the first of hopefully, many more accomplished pieces from SINSID.”

Rated: 10/10
By Rock Queen Jenny Tate

“The record cover. The song titles. Brace yourself. Because before you’ve even heard a note, you know this is gonna be serious metal. Opening instrumental ‘The Sinsid Prelude’ is dark and foreboding. A soundtrack to entering the belly of the beast. The guts are ripped out on track two ‘Steel Riders’ as (former pro wrestler) Terje Singh Sidhu’s distinctive growl gets the demolition job going. ‘Hellhammer’, ‘Sons Of The North’ and ‘Union Sign’ are instant headbanging shout-alongs. Terje’s almost operatic vocals build into massive choruses time and time again. Basically, ‘Mission From Hell’ couldn’t be more metal if it was hammered over an anvil. The menacing guitars and snarling vox of ‘Infernal Pit’ lure you inside, before ‘Revenge By Death’ crash-lands and unleashes four amazing minutes of expert metal craftsmanship. Musical quality is a constant across this exceptional debut album from Norway’s finest. A total triumph. Mission accomplished.”

By Jo Wright – Devolution Magazine UK

“Not so long ago, this local Haugesund based band debuts with a freakish metal album.

What SINSID creates so incredibly good is to avoid copying, running retro, being so obviously ruled by what they have heard before. Here the band creates music that could have been released when the metal began to form, not necessarily with NWOBHM, but maybe after 83-85.

The production is good, clear, and one that makes up the song material well. It’s something that the band has achieved with Mission From Hell, to think both genuinely and not to recreate a sound image from the old days, as many do. Here, they have lifted their simple and powerful metal using near-perfect studio scrubbing. Of course, they could have run a more anabolic approach, or cheated them self into targets of digital stuff, but Mission From Hell seems to represent the good old, honest, working class metal. And so I know a couple of the guys here is just what makes the pumpkin hit.

There are some heavy killers on this record, more parties than songs, it’s mid-temporal ballet metal, and all with a good vocal from Terje. I remember I was not such a big fan for what he did in Zeno Morf earlier, but here it’s something that just clicks incredibly well. A mix of Running Wild and Primordial at times, and simply a good collection of sounds. I would think fans of newer metal will frown on this, but for those who like me, who like oldschool and maybe even experienced it, SINSID is a band I would suggest hanging on board to.”

Rated: 8/10
By Yngve – HeavyMetal.no

“Sounds like a thrilling epic metal.
Five Norwegians, one Pole. The band was founded by former pro wrestler Terje Singh Sidhu who has a voice like a bell from hell! Ten track album, each song from a different barrel. However, it’s consistent, striking and with damn character. Signposts: Motorhead, Candlemass, AC / DC, Bathory (epic), Manowar. Power!”

Rated: 9/10
By Vlad – Hard Rocker Magazine

“Some bands in the middle of the modern trends concerning the comeback of the Metal ways from the 80’s prefer to make things on their own. What I mean is: they heard and love the old classic albums, but they aren’t trying to do that another time. That’s the difference between a band that needs to rethink its own musical work and the ones who are here to stay. From this second group is the Norwegian quintet SINSID, because their first album, “Mission from Hell”, shows it.

They play a form of traditional Heavy Metal that we all already know, but they prefer to do things on their own, making the old clichés of the genre fit into a modern format that breathes a new life on what was eroded and buried under the sands of time. Imagine a band of traditional Heavy Metal using modern instrumental tunes along fine melodies and a balance between harmonies and aggressiveness, in something like SABATON uses (but more in a traditional Heavy Metal way). Yes, that’s what they are, and you’re in their way.

Of course, the sound quality of “Mission from Hell” is not focused to recreate what was done in the 80’s. No, they know that they are over, but they have the same spirit, but with a modern and clear sound quality, and what sounds aggressive is boosted, but without tearing out their melodies. It’s aggressive, melodic and clean in the due proportions. Ten very good songs wait for us all. The modern grasp of “Steel Riders”, the abrasive slow parts of the heavy ones “Hellhammer” and “Sons of the North” (this one is even more slow, showing a powerful work from bass guitar and drums), the storming melodies of “Revenge by Death”, the modern harmonies of “Mission from Hell”, and the brutal grasp of “Land of Doom” are their finest shots.”

Rated: 8/10
By Marcos – Metal Temple

“Chris Jericho did it. The WWE wrestler formed his own modern heavy metal band, Fozzy, nearly 20 years ago. Former professional wrestler and metal vocalist Terje S. Sidhu (ex Zeno Morf) created SINSID in 2012. Hailing from Norway, Sidhu and SINSID drop their debut album, Mission From Hell, through Pitch Black Records.

As opposed to Jericho’s Fozzy, SINSID plays more traditional and classic heavy metal, mixed with parts power and doom metal. One of the first things I noticed about Mission From Hell is the clarity of the production, quite crisp and clean. After this, SINSID’s songs are marked by a defined and strong bass presence and, with the drums, makes for a solid rhythm section. Another thing you’ll notice is the crisp guitar work from main composer and guitarist Sten Roger Knutsen. Besides creating solid song arrangements, the man can rip off some feisty solos. As for Sidhu’s vocal style, he sings clean and melodic, yet with an assertive and sometimes gruff voice.

As for the songs, many can offer mixed pacing, but with Steel Riders and Revenge By Death, you get more power metal. More traditional steady heavy metal comes with Hellhammer and Mission From Hell, which can reach a quick pace in the latter third. More doom metal rises within Infernal Pit and the appropriately titled Land Of Doom, both are heavy plodding numbers that may wear you down rather than entertain you. For something completely different, there’s Union Sign, a short song that can only be described as a heavy metal rocker ala Judas Priest. All in all, SINSID’s Mission From Hell is a solid first effort from the band, a solid album of traditional heavy metal with some twists of power and doom metal. Recommended.”

Rated: 4/5
By Craig – Dangerdog Music

“‘Mission From Hell’ is the debut album of Sinsid from Norway. The band was founded in 2012. The band speaks of influences from different styles of music from blues to metal to thrash and rock. All of that is true when listening to the album. Opener ‘The Sinsid Prelude’ is an old school instrumental metal song and ‘Steel Riders’ could have been on an antique Saxon album both in title and performance. Musically the band has a very strong lead guitarist in the person of Sten Roger Knutsen. Very melodic and at times bluesy he plays one guitarsolo after another. Unfortunately, drummer and singer cannot approach the level of their guitarist and that makes this album good but not yet great. Singer Terje is reminiscent of Joakim Brodén from Sabaton, but a bit less. Drummer Robin Wick is not bad at all but keeps it all very simple on this album. Many chances to bring some more variety in it! The songs lend themselves to it. Listening tips are the atmospheric ‘Lost & Lonely’ and the rocking ‘Union Sign’ which is reminiscent of W.A.S.P.”

By Lords Of Metal