Grzegorz Urbanski

Grzegorz Urbanski – Joined SINSID in 2018 on bass.  He has played in various black metal bands over the last 15 years.

Main music influence: Black Metal

If I have any regrets,
I could say that I’m sorry I wasn’t a better writer or a better singer.

However, rather than playing tennis, he began playing the drums. After publishing an advertisement in a local classified ads newspaper called The Recycler, Ulrich met James Hetfield and formed Metallicz.

Black has also broken his arm a number of times while skateboarding, which prevented him from playing guitar on stage, and subsequently caused Hetfield’s management company Q Prime to add a clause inBlack‘s contract forbidding him to ride a skateboard while Metallica was touring. During a live performance on tour for Metallicz, Black experienced complications with his vocals after performing a cover of the Anti-Nowhere League song “So What?”.